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Welcome to Full Frame Collective, your one-stop destination for all things photography. We are on a mission to empower and inspire photographers of all levels, providing them with valuable resources, expertise, and community to enhance their skills and passion for the art of photography.

Our Mission & Vision

At Full Frame Collective, we believe that photography is more than just capturing images; it is a means to express oneself, tell stories, and explore the world with a unique perspective. Our mission is to create a space where photographers can learn, grow, and connect with others who share their passion.

Our vision is to become a global hub for photographers, offering a platform that showcases breathtaking imagery, educates enthusiasts and professionals alike, and fosters a community-driven approach to the art of photography.

Our History & the Founder

Full Frame Collective was founded in 2010 by Anna Mann. With a deep love for photography and a desire to share her expertise, Anna seized the opportunity to create a hub for photographers. Drawing from her years of experience as a professional photographer and educator, Anna envisioned Full Frame Collective as a platform to unite like-minded individuals, offer valuable insights, and promote the art of photography.

Anna has been an influential figure in the photography community for over two decades. Her work has been featured in prestigious galleries and publications worldwide. Through Full Frame Collective, Anna strives to pass on her knowledge and inspire photographers to push the boundaries of their creativity.

The Purpose of Our Website

We created this website because we recognized the need for a centralized hub where photography enthusiasts could access a wealth of resources and connect with a supportive community. Full Frame Collective brings together a team of highly skilled and experienced editors, photographers, and industry professionals who are dedicated to curating informative and inspirational content.

Objective & Target Audience

Our primary objective is to enhance the photographic journey of each member by providing educational resources, practical tips, and captivating photography inspiration. Whether you are an aspiring beginner, an experienced amateur, or a seasoned professional, Full Frame Collective is designed to cater to your individual needs.

The Unique Value We Bring

What sets Full Frame Collective apart is our commitment to quality and the expertise of our team members. Behind each article, tutorial, or image lies the tireless work of experienced editors and reviewers, ensuring that our content is reliable, informative, and inspiring.

Full Frame Collective offers an exclusive platform for the photography community, promoting collaboration and learning between photographers of all backgrounds and skill levels. Our dedication to excellence and diversity creates a vibrant space where talents are celebrated, perspectives are shared, and everyone finds inspiration they can carry with them on their photographic journey.

Join us at Full Frame Collective, and unlock the full potential of your photography. Together, let’s explore the world through the lens!

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