Upper Yosemite Falls - Yosemite, CA - Portra 400 - Arthur Alvarez

4th of July weekend in Yosemite Valley is bonkers. I knew this going in, but tossing aside concerns, I made a run from the city to the mountains at 10 pm on a Friday night. We made it to Camp 4 at around 3 am and believe it or not, there were already people queued up. No surprise there. However, I have a strong belief that waiting in line should never be the plan, so I checked my camera, film, and began the trek up to Upper Yosemite Falls. The goal was to hike through the night and get to our destination by sunrise. Once there, we’d take a long nap on the summit and keep it mellow floating down the mountain.

Long story short, we did it with time to spare. Unfortunately we missed the rise due to napping too long. Yes, yes, a sad state of affairs. But that’s summertime sadness for you. Anyway, here are some photos I caught on some portra before/after we woke up from our elevated slumber.  

Golden Light Streaks - San Francisco, CA - Marin Headlands - Mamiya 645 - Kodak Portra 400 - Arthur Alvarez

Oh so tempted to continue the recent FFC trend of posting hashtag Fashion, but in light of my absence, here’s some funky light streaks from a fun little tour guide session I did for a visiting friend.